Workshops in France

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


OK, now I'm here, what do I do?
I knew I had to have one, it's the thing to do, they say.
My kids don't have one yet, so how can this be true?

For all it's worth, I'm an arty type; a painter, a mum (mom), a wife and a busy, busy person. I care about the pursuit of happiness, attaining goals and all of that. I've got a website. which has images of paintings. Yes, they're for sale.

I like life, Facebook, California, family, food, friends and travel. Although I haven't really traveled much lately, not counting Scotland and Cape Cod last year. My idea of travel is waking up in a strange land, listening to people talk in a language I don't know, eating food I've not tasted before. Actually it's just about my favorite thing. I have done this in many places, I love Spain, Italy and France. I've also been to Greece, the former Yugoslavia, Gibraltar, Portugal, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium.