Workshops in France

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Arriving in France

Amsterdam Airport - Starbucks. Really!
After five hours of glorious - repeat, glorious sleep I wake up in France feeling wonderful. I've been flying for 24 hours. Lying down on a very comfortable bed for 5 hours is just what this body needed. 

Arrived at night
Six hours ago I was alone outside Marseille airport at 1 am. I mean alone. Not a soul in sight. No cars, no porters and no taxis. I called my hotel and was answered by Andre. "Andre, can you send a shuttle?" 
"Alors, too late Madame". 
"Andre, can you call a cab?" 
"You don't understand Madame, Francois Holland, the economy, the state of the democracy, the people are having a very hard time, many are striking." 
Welcome gift from Andre.
"C'est la vie," I agreed - "but Andre, I am an optimist, you can find me something."
Ten minutes later a nice young man pulled up in an Audi. Not a taxi, but working for a different hotel, Andre sent him to find me. I asked for a fare, he suggested 10 euros. I paid 20. 

I think French food has less calories.
The hotel was comfortable. I slept well.  Refreshed and fed with not one, but two croissants.  Je suis arrivée en France!

Now, to find my delayed baggage.