Workshops in France

Monday, January 19, 2015

Provence - Wooden Door

Provence - Wooden Door. 8" x 8" Study, sold
My only new year's resolution was to actually blog, and blog often. My life has changed drastically over then last 15 months with moving the studio, my house, kid's school, family business and all of that - so I now have the life I want and all there is to do now, is just live it.
With that, I'm working on new paintings for the Addison Art Gallery on Cape Cod and promoting two trips to Provence this year. I'm pretty stoked about June because the lavender will be in full bloom. This will be a first for me and I can't wait to get sketching and painting there.

The painting shown above, Wooden Doorway was painted on one of my September art retreats. (Another glorious time to visit the region.) It's the building on a little plateau above the chateau - our home base for the tour. I have a great group photo taken in from in front of this old doorway - I should be finishing editing that pretty soon and I'll post it then.