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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

30 Paintings in 30 Days #12 Door at Dusk

#12 Door at Dusk
Door at Dusk
We passed this door maybe three or four times a day. Just an old wooden door in an ancient wall. But like most of the old structures in Provence, it has its own unique history. And it's hard not to notice. In fact it has been said by many that everywhere you look in Provence, there is something to paint, perfectly composed. This caught my eye more than once and I sat to paint it before I lost the light for the day. It's on the chateau's estate, so you don't even have to roam far to paint. However I didn't quite finish it until I hit the studio today and handled the highlights.
One night I came across a family of hedgehogs by the stoop. The chateau owner doesn't mind them, they manage the snail population. 

Oil on archival board. 6" x 6"
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