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Monday, January 18, 2016

30 Paintings in 30 Days #18 Summer's Walk to the Kirk, Scotland

Summer's Walk to the Kirk
Oil on Board, 8" x 8" 

Scotland's reputation for rain is fast eclipsed by a single sunny day. 

I pitched my plein air easel by the side of the road leading up to the Kirk. Yes, it is that green. Wildflowers open up to the warmth or the sun, birds chirp, bumble bees hum away and I paint for a couple of hours of sheer contentment. This was in June, Scotland's loveliest month, where the sun sets around 10 in the evening, making it plein air artist's ideal scene. 

I have been asked to organize a workshop retreat there. Looking for interested artists. I will do my best to organize the weather.

Oil on archival board. 8" x 8"
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